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Purpose of the Symposium

The event will bring together researchers and relevant stakeholders from all over the world to discuss options for both climate change mitigation measures and low-emission development strategies in agricultural food systems, as well as their implementation and win-win solutions for combating climate change and enhancing food security. We want to discuss possible roadmaps to increase ambition for climate mitigation in agriculture, ways to improve science-policy communication, future work under the Global Research Alliance of Agricultural Greenhouse Gas mitigation as well as specific research topics with high potential for implementation.

Core Steering Group
Harry Clark, Louis Verchot, Claudia Heidecke

Scientific Advisory Committee
Andy Reisinger, GRA
Claudia Heidecke, Thuenen Institute
Claudia Ringler, IFPRI, CGIAR
Harry Clark, GRA
Louis Verchot, Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, CGIAR
Nina Grassnick, Thuenen Institute / GRA
Tania Runge, Thuenen Institute
Til Feike, Julius Kuehn-Institute
Others  tbc

Organizing Committee
Colleagues from the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food Conference Management Team


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